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Crispy, Cheesy with a Spicy Kick: Say Hello to Your New Snack-Time Buddy

There's a new crisp in town, but this one was worth the wait. Delightfully crunchy with a smooth, savory finish, Good Measure™ Almond Crisps deliver an oh-so-satisfying taste in every bite. 

Working with our nutrition and dietitian teams, we've blended diced almonds with layers of cheddar and parmesan cheese to give your taste buds the ultimate snack-time experience.

Reinventing the Snack Routine

You wanted more tasty snack options that have little impact on blood sugar, and we were only too happy to oblige.

Like our delicious Good Measure Nut Butter Bars, our Cheddar Crisps are made with nutrient-dense ingredients and offer an easy, on-the-go snack to keep up with your schedule.  

Available in Cheddar and Sriracha flavors, our Crisps will surely please everyone in your household. Can't decide? No worries! You can grab a Variety Pack and enjoy both options.

Even More Ways to Snack

Late-night craving? Need to refuel between meetings? Or want a tasty snack layered with your favorite cheeses? 

Snack right out of the bag or dip them into your favorite sauces and spreads for an added treat. Don't worry. They can handle the pressure.

Our cheese crisps will complement any charcuterie board you bring to the table, and because their main ingredient is almonds, you can feel good knowing our snacks are made with nutrient-rich ingredients.

Ready to Give Our Crisps a Try?

We already know you'll fall in love with our Almond Crisps, so we've made it easier to stock up at home. 

Shop our Cheddar and Sriracha Almond Crisps here to earn rewards points, or order your box on Amazon. Try our 5-pack individual flavors or go bold with our 10-and 20-pack variety boxes to fill your pantry.

Be sure to check out our Nut Butter Bars for more snack options that have little impact on blood sugar and are made with nutrient-rich ingredients. And most importantly, let us know what you think of our tasty new Almond Crisps flavors.

So, what are you waiting for? Give our Almond Crisps a try and make snack time your time!