How to Have a Low-Carb Thanksgiving—While Still Enjoying Your Meal

To cut down on carbs without sacrificing the joy of the meal, follow these tips for a low-carb Thanksgiving.

These strategies for a low-carb Thanksgiving will help you cut back on carbohydrates, while still enjoying your meal. Consider a Thanksgiving food list that tastes delicious.

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Recently Got a Prediabetes or Diabetes Diagnosis? Here’s What to Consider

We’re celebrating National Diabetes Awareness Month by offering simple next steps for those who just received a diabetes diagnosis. You’re not alone if you just received a diabetes diagnosis. Celebrate National Diabetes Awareness Month by getting in the know about how to take care of your health.

A prediabetes or diabetes diagnosis doesn’t mean you need to change everything about your lifestyle overnight. Learn a few small steps to take to set you in the direction of success.

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The Benefits of a Strong Support System When You’re Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Living with type 2 diabetes can sometimes make people feel isolated or stigmatized. But the power of community and connection can change that.
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Why Nuts are Smart Snacks for Those Living with Diabetes

When you’re looking for quick, no-fuss snacks, nuts offer everything you need in a wholesome handful. Here’s why you should add them to your grocery list.

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5 Tricks to Deciphering Food Labels—and Finding Low-Carb Snacks

To find low-carb snacks, low-sugar bars, and the best snacks for people living with diabetes, you have to decode a food label. These dietitian-approved tricks will help you do just that.
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5 Simple Foods Swaps Everyone Will Enjoy, Whether Eating Low-Carb or Living with Diabetes

You don’t have to ditch all your favorite meals when eating more low-carb foods. Try these simple switches to pack your day with smart choices for people living with diabetes — your taste buds will enjoy them too.
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