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Is snacking healthy? To answer this question, we need to change the way we think about "snacking" in terms of what's actually inside your food, and how much of it you're consuming between meals. Learn more!
Whatever your goals are for 2022, it's safe to assume that "self-improvement" is somewhere in the mix. However, after January, our eager aspirations may start to lose momentum. This year, rather than focusing on one goal, why not make "balance" a priority?
Most of us are on the lookout for a ready-made snack that conveniently checks three important boxes: great taste, nutritious, and few ingredients. Learn how to decode food labels and choose better snack options!

If you follow our blog, then you've heard us talk about nutrient density and the benefits of nutrient-rich ingredients. But when it comes time to shop at your local grocer, you may still have questions about how to choose smart food options, especially when comparing two similar items.

We get it. Staying carb-conscious during the holidays isn't always fun, but it's easier than you think! It just involves a different mindset and a few ingredient alterations.

Looking to include more nutrient-dense foods into your diet? Discover a few items you'll want to consider adding to your shopping list. 

When your stomach starts growling, choosing the right snack gets tricky. But the good news is there's something easy to grab—literally, all you need is a handful—that's packed with rich nutrients that will help you stay full: nuts!
It's easy to daydream of apple streusel and pumpkin-spiced lattes. But as the change in season marks the official countdown to the holidays, it's even easier to overindulge in added sugars. But you can reduce your sugar intake while still enjoying many delicious fall recipes. 
Cutting carbs doesn't mean you need to miss out on all your favorite meals. Whether you're following a keto-friendly diet, or you're just looking to reduce your sugar intake, staying carb conscious is easy with a few simple swaps! 

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