Sometimes food is the


Blood sugar-friendly food using nutrient-rich ingredients that you’ll love to eat.
Made with Care, Made for You.

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Good Measure white nutrient rich ingredients

Nutrient-rich food gives your body essential nutrients you need.

Good Measure white little impact on blood sugar

Ingredients formulated to have little impact on blood sugar.

Good Measure white satisfying taste

A subtly sweet bar with a crunch makes for a delicious experience.

Mia's Story

It all started when we met Mia.

Anytime Mia wanted to eat, her mom had to research and measure how it would affect her blood sugar. Convenient foods, with unfamiliar ingredients and added sugars, were even more of a challenge. We wanted to help. After two years working with nutrition experts, we’ve done it: food that starts with nutrient-rich ingredients, has little impact on blood sugar and that you’ll enjoy.

“I am absolutely obsessed with these bars. They taste like a treat, are filling, include quality ingredients, and are perfectly balanced. These are my go-to bars to keep on hand. As a dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist I know I can confidently recommend these bars to my clients to meet their blood sugar goals.”

- Ginger Cochran MS, RDN, CDCES

Nutrition Science

Foods with 5 or fewer grams of glycemic carbs have little impact on blood sugar. That’s why we have carefully crafted these bars to have 5g (or less) of net glycemic carbs. The best part? They’re delicious.

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