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Upcoming Webinar on Balancing Blood Glucose

Good Measure here! We have some exciting news for those of you interested in learning more about blood sugar balance. 

Because, as it turns out, we are too! 

In fact, Good Measure was born after meeting a little girl named Mia. Any time Mia wanted to eat, her parents had to research and measure how it would affect her blood glucose—or blood sugar. We learned finding food while navigating blood sugar is a daily challenge that leaves many feeling frustrated. 

But resources are available to help you pursue a positive relationship with food while understanding how it impacts blood sugar. 

That’s why we're excited to announce Good Measure is a proud sponsor of Mayo Clinic’s upcoming free webinar, "Balancing Blood Glucose with the Mayo Clinic Diet," featuring Donald D. Hensrud, M.D., M.P.H. 

You heard us right. We said FREE! 

How to Register for the Free Webinar

You can sign up for free to reserve your virtual seat. The live webinar takes place on Wednesday, November 16th, and runs for an hour. Sign up today!


About the Webinar 

  • Title: Balancing Blood Glucose with the Mayo Clinic Diet
  • Date: Wednesday, November 16th, 2022.
  • Time: 11 a.m. - Noon EST

About Dr. Hensrud

As the author of The Mayo Clinic Diet, Dr. Hensrud will lead viewers through a series of discussions on the basic principles of this science-based approach to dieting and how it can work for individuals trying to balance blood sugar. 

Unlike other diets that have you count calories and carbohydrates or use scales to measure quantities of food, The Mayo Clinic Diet equips you with the tools and knowledge to estimate servings and understand how much of which food groups you need. 

In this webinar, Dr. Hensrud aims to help educate and empower you to make practical changes to your eating and activity habits.

Sign Up Today & Tell Your Friends!

Like you, we care a lot about the relationship between blood sugar, food, and wellness. That's why we spent two years working with nutrition experts to learn more about how different foods impact blood sugar.

So, if you're also interested in learning more about balancing blood glucose with the Mayo Clinic Diet, and how it can support your wellness journey, we invite you to sign up for the webinar today.