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Best Nutrition Podcasts in 2022

Looking to add some nutritional insights into your routine, but short on time? Don't sweat it. Turns out you can have your nutrient-dense snack and eat it, too.

If you're already a BIG fan of podcasts then you know when it comes to finding information, stories, and news related to your favorite topics, the options are endless. But with so much variety, it's challenging to know which podcast is worth your time, energy, and following.

To give you a head start, we've compiled a list of our 5 favorite podcasts that focus on nutritional science, mindful eating habits, and improving your relationship with food.

5 Best Podcasts on Nutrition

Each podcast is available on Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you stream your favorite podcast episodes. Check out our list below and be sure to tell us which ones you liked on Facebook.

Be Well By Kelly 

Celebrity registered dietitian Kelly Leveque educates and motivates her listeners with facts about nutrition and how different foods impact our blood sugar. Her mission? Simplify the science of nutrition so that listeners become more confident in making mindful food choices that feel natural, balanced, and positive.

Each episode, Kelly sits down with close friends and nutrition experts to answer your top questions and guide you on a path to long-term health and wellness.  

The Balanced Dietitian Podcast

Anyone who follows our blog, knows we're all about the importance of food/life balance. In this podcast, Marie-Pier, RD, offers helpful insights and tips for pursuing your own wellness journey through food. 

Each episode, Marie-Pier sits down with a guest to discuss food, body, and mind topics that many people struggle with today. She shares tips on how to overcome these obstacles and reach, what Marie-Pier refers to as, "food freedom" once and for all.

RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping It Real

"Keeping it real" is exactly how host Heather Caplan (RD) runs this podcast show. That means no gimmicks, just food facts you can easily digest. What's not to love? 

Each episode covers a wide range of topics that include weight-inclusive nutrition and dietetics, and intuitive eating, to name a few. Featuring interviews with many of Caplan's RD peers, this podcast works to keep nutrition simple by sticking to the facts, not fads—all while empowering listeners to understand their relationship with food and how it impacts the rest of their life.

Food Heaven

This popular podcast features best friend duo Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones—both of whom are registered dietitian nutritionists. Each episode, they interview different health and nutrition experts to share tips on what it means to live well, balanced lives. 

Topics range from mental health and body image to nutrition, food, and culture. Like the ones previously mentioned, this podcast works to help simplify the complexities of nutrition and living well in order to help others love themselves from the inside out.

Thinking Nutrition

Hosted by Dr. Tim Crowe, this podcast aims to present listeners with the latest nutrition research in plain, modern English, so you can understand how it impacts your long-term health. 

As a long-time nutrition research scientist, Dr. Tim covers a wide range of topics that span from plant vs. animal-based protein and macro-nutrients to popular food myths, diet fads, and pretty much any food-related topic you can think of!

Ready to Tune In?

Whether you're cooking, working out, or commuting to work, we hope you'll tune into these podcasts to learn more about the role nutrition plays on your mind and body wellness.

Did your favorite nutritional podcast make our list? If not, we'd love for you to share your top picks on our Facebook page!

DISCLAIMER: This blog is intended for general information purposes only and is not intended as an endorsement of any of the aforementioned podcasts, their sponsors, or any claims made by each show's hosts, guests, etc.