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If you're looking for delicious food with little impact on blood sugar, you've found it!

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Room Temperature

Want crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth goodness? Keep your Good Measure™ bars at room temperature.

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In the Fridge

Looking for a refreshing bite that has a firm texture? Chill your bars in the fridge and grab one before heading out.

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From the Freezer

Need to take the edge off a hot day? Store your bars in the freezer to enjoy a delicious crunch in every mouthful.

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What customers are saying


I have type 1 diabetes and try to find things that won’t spike my blood sugar. This is definitely a product that does just that and tastes so good! I won’t stop buying these now that I’ve found them!


A must in the freezer!

Trust me, try it.


5⭐️ for this amazing nut butter bar that tastes amazing! This is the third time I have ordered from you and I will continue to do so! Being diabetic I am always looking for a snack that satisfies and won’t spike my sugars. This is my #1 go to snack. ❤️

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