The passionate pursuit of

making good lifestyle

choices easier

Our Mission

For those who care about food and blood sugar, we make good lifestyle choices easier. All in Good Measure™.

It began when we met a girl living with diabetes. Her mom weighed everything she ate to know how it would affect her blood sugar, otherwise her life was at risk. We asked ourselves, why is no one making good, convenient options for this amazing girl?

We soon learned she wasn’t alone. We’ve met so many people, with diabetes and not, who care deeply about food, blood sugar, and how they interact. They want to make better choices but can’t find good options. For them, Good Measure was created to help put positive change within reach.

Lifestyle change is hard. But we know that one good choice can lead to another. We started with a bar made from wholesome ingredients you’ll love to eat that has little impact on blood sugar. And we’re already exploring more ways to make more good choices easier, All in Good MeasureTM.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are your products just for people with pre-diabetes or diabetes?
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A: Not at all! We’ve met many people, with diabetes and not, who care about food, blood sugar, and how they interact. We’ve learned from them that there are very few good options out there that are made from wholesome ingredients, taste great, and are blood sugar friendly. Food that delivers on all three are All in Good Measure!
Q: Why are my bars soft and a bit melted?
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A: We use ingredients like creamy nut butters, seeds, and dark chocolate to hold our bars together – instead of sugar. If you receive our bars and they feel warm, just cool them down in the refrigerator for a few hours and enjoy. Some actually prefer the firm refrigerated or frozen taste experience. Give it a try!
Q: Where do I store the bars? The pantry?
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A: Good Measure bars are made for you – and how you want to enjoy them. Try from the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer for a personalized eating experience! Storing the bars at room temperature means soft and chewy, while the refrigerator and freezer will make the bars chilled and firm.
Q: How do you make such satisfying food from wholesome ingredients?
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A: We have heard from many of you that the taste and texture of our food is unique and very satisfying. That is very rewarding to hear because we know good lifestyle change is a little easier when you enjoy it. We are blessed to have culinary experts that are gifted in creating different textures and contrasting flavors from wholesome ingredients. If we want to help you make more good choices, it has to start and end with wholesome food. It’s our job to make it something you’ll deeply enjoy.
Q: What are net carbs?
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A: Not all carbs are created equal. We look at "net carbs" to help people understand what the real effect eating certain carbs has on blood sugar. There is not a standard way to calculate net carbs, so we’ve done our homework. We follow the highest standards in only subtracting carbs that have been scientifically shown to have an insignificant glycemic impact. With the thought and care we’ve put into our food with your blood sugar in mind, we hope we can earn your trust.
Q: What does it mean to be mindful of blood sugar?
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A: If you care about what we care about, we know your blood sugar is something that is on your mind. Our goal is to always create food that starts with consideration of the impact on blood sugar, giving you better choices than current alternatives. That’s why we say mindful of blood sugar. We want to help provide you with more good choices to make good lifestyle change easier with your blood sugar in mind.
Q: What does it mean to be blood sugar friendly?
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This is a specific claim we will use on specific products. Our team of nutritional experts have reviewed the scientific research: Food with 5 or fewer grams of glycemic carbs (< 5g net carbs) has little impact on blood sugar. That is why it is so important for us to understand the blood sugar impact of every single ingredient we put in our food. You will see blood sugar friendly on our products that meet this standard.
Q: What is allulose?
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Allulose is a great sweetener made from corn and fruit like raisins or figs that gives our food a subtly sweet, satisfying flavor that also has little impact on our blood sugar.
Q: My bars are crumbly. Are they supposed to be that way?
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A: Yes! While many other bars are held together with sugar or honey, we decided to skip the added sugar. Our combination of nutrient-rich ingredients, including nuts and seeds, is mixed in with nut butters. This results in a crumbly texture that’s become our trademark. Looking for a firmer bar to snack on? Try putting your Good Measure bars in the fridge or freezer for a whole new experience.
Q: Are your products keto-friendly?
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A: At Good Measure, we don’t identify with any particular diet. Our goal is to create lifestyle products that are wholesome, delicious and mindful of blood sugar to serve those people who care about food, blood sugar, and how they interact. That said, we have found that many people following various low-carbohydrate diets, keto included, have found that our products work well for them.
Q: Are your products allergen-free? Organic? Vegan?
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A: No. However, Good Measure products are made with high-quality, wholesome ingredients such as nuts, seeds and nut butters. Consult the list of ingredients to see if our products are compatible with your diet needs.
Q: How are you related to General Mills?
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A: We are a small highly motivated team embedded within General Mills to bring startup company passion to areas where we see big human problems around food today. Early on we learned that this area of food and blood sugar is a big problem for so many people and we are excited to work for them. We are part of General Mills mission to make food the world loves. Our hope is that people who care about food and blood sugar will love our products.