Good Measure little impact on blood sugar

Whether you’re monitoring blood sugar, or looking to pursue a new food lifestyle through nutrient-rich ingredients, you’ll find a delicious snack with little impact on blood sugar in every Good Measure™ bar.

Good Measure bar

Mindful Snacking Made Easy

Nourishing our bodies with the vitamins and nutrients they need can feel like a full-time job. And sometimes, we think we’re making good food choices, when in reality, we’re filling our bodies with sugar.

Even the natural sugar we find in fruits, honey, or maple syrup can be harmful to the body without moderation. Consuming too much of these ingredients can cancel out its nutritional benefits.1

The good news:
Good Measure™ is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients for little impact on blood sugar.

Blood Sugar-Conscious Snacks

Our formulas are carefully crafted to deliver essential macronutrients and micronutrients to have little glycemic impact.

Working with nutritionists and dietitians, we’ve created a nutritious snack with 5 glycemic net carbs.

Good Measure carb equation
Good Measure nutrient rich ingredients

Good Measure little impact on blood sugar

Good Measure fewer than 5 net carbs per serving

Good Measure 3 grams of sugar

Good Measure satisfying taste

Good Measure lifestyle

Happy Living Starts with Good Food

Good Measure™ makes it easy to add a good balance of nutrient-dense foods with little impact on blood sugar into your routine. Discover our satisfying snacks—all conveniently packaged and ready to enjoy!

1. Harvard Health Publishing. The Not-So-Sweet Truth about Sugar." Retrieved from

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