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How to Signup for Good Measure Rewards

Through our Good Measure rewards system, you can earn points for purchases, social media shares, and now - referring a friend! 

For a limited time only over the Black Friday - Cyber Monday weekend, you'll get a $5 reward just for sharing your link, and your friend will automatically get $5, too! 

Sign up now using the Rewards center that appears in the lower left-hand side of your screen.




Follow these easy steps:

     1.  Click REWARDS below, and create your account!

     2.  You'll need to wait for the confirmation email in your inbox, and depending on how busy the servers are this can take up to 7 minutes

     3.   Click that confirmation link!

     4.  Check out all the Good Rewards you have access to, and the ways you can earn points

     5.  Now, send a $5 gift to your friend by clicking the email icon under Referrals (watch the short video clip here to see an example)

     6.  You did it! You're part of the Good Measure family now