We send our food to you with love & care. (And cooler packs!)

Our bars are shipped with a protective padded insert and insulation to protect them from extreme conditions - Real ingredients will melt, and/or soften in high heat, and we want to ensure the best experience for you!

That being said, don't be alarmed if your box arrives slightly cool, or even slightly warmer than room temperature. Feel free to enjoy your bars right away, they're safe and delicious right out of the box. Or, toss them in the refrigerator or freezer to customize the texture to your liking! 

We ship all orders Monday through Friday, so if you make an order over the weekend your order will ship right away Monday morning. We use 2-day UPS for all orders, no matter the size or location in the continental US.

Thanks again for enjoying Good Measure, we can't wait to hear what you think! After your bars have been delivered you'll get a short email from us with a link to a survey. Please be as honest and descriptive as you can - we loving hearing honest feedback from our community.