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Calling All Registered Dietitians

Do you and your clients care about blood sugar? Are your clients struggling to find convenient, nutrient-rich, blood sugar-friendly snack options that actually taste good?

If you answered yes, you’re in the right place. 

We care about blood sugar

We care about blood sugar as much as you––and your clients––do, so we created snacks designed to have little impact on blood sugar using nutrient-rich ingredients.

low carb snack bars that have little impact on blood sugar

The Benefits

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Samples of Good Measure™ blood sugar-friendly snacks.

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Personalized discount codes to use and share with your clients.

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Resources, care packages, and experiences designed specifically for you.

Good Measure Ambassador Network Kim Rose

Kim Rose, Dietitian

"Good Measure™ has great taste and texture with little impact on blood sugar. I recommend it to my clients!"

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Connect with a like-minded community to serve your — and your clients' — needs.

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