“I went on a diet that cut out carbs. Within three weeks, my daily blood sugar went from high 200s to below 100. After three months, my A1C went from over 10 to below 6.  I am now focused on continuing to take care of myself.”
  • 2 min read
“I figured diabetes was part of who I was because my mom had diabetes. Then I went on a low-carb diet. In six months, I lost 35 pounds, felt a lot better, and my A1Cs dropped below pre-diabetes levels.  I now am on a 5-year diet and exercise plan.”
  • 1 min read
“After I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I decided it was up to me to change the trajectory of my life. Now I have below pre-diabetes levels and have it under control.”
  • 2 min read

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