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Little Impact on Blood Sugar. More Great Taste: General Mills Explains.

You may be 1 of the 50 million Americans (or 20% of adults) searching for a convenient snack that offers high nutritional value, is blood sugar friendly, and still tastes great!

If this sounds like you, you're certainly not alone. In fact, of this underserved population, 95% of them report being unhappy with current food options. 

This shouldn't surprise any of us, especially since, as of right now, there is virtually no section within U.S. grocery stores to accommodate this underserved group—or for that matter—the ever-evolving nutritional needs of customers around the country.

U.S.-based food company General Mills set out to change all that and meet the needs of this growing group of underserved customers.  

Time for a New Blood Sugar-Friendly Lifestyle

In an article featured on GM's Taste of General Mills blog page, the major food company shares the origin story of Good Measure, its pilot brand, which was launched by the company's corporate venture studio, G-Works.  

Written by Kevin Hunt, Senior Manager of Corporate Content, Channels and Analytics at General Mills, the article chronicles how the Good Measure brand seeks to change the relationship between packaged food, nutrient density, and blood sugar impact. 

After meeting with a mom who had to weigh her daughter's food each day to ensure it wouldn't affect her blood sugar, the founders of Good Measure realized it was time to help! 

The result? Working with nutritionists, the brand created a line of snack options using the latest nutrition science around nutrient density and blood sugar impact.


What This Means for You

Looking for a snack option that checks three important boxes?

  • Nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Little Impact on Blood Sugar
  • Great Taste

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